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Member Spotlight: Tim and Shoran Williams


Timothy L. Williams and Shoran Reid Williams joined Egypt Valley in the spring of 2016 after relocating to West Michigan from the southeast by way of Atlanta and Jacksonville.

Though the pair came to West Michigan from warmer climates, both Timothy and Shoran have Midwest high school roots, and the couple’s two daughters, ages 21 and 19, both graduated from Forest Hills Central High School.

Tim, who is the Vice President of Diversity + Inclusion for Meijer, grew his love for golf while working on University of Michigan’s golf course as a grounds crew member.

“The father of his then-girlfriend gave him a set of blades and persimmons woods to learn the game,” said Shoran, who is Senior Counsel for Miller Johnson. “He’s been learning ever since.”

Shoran’s golf journey was a bit different.

“I started, stopped, started, stopped and started again with the game after relocating to West Michigan,” she explained. Though Shoran tabled her tennis game after returning to practice a few years ago, she still describes herself as a tennis junkie. 

“Tennis remains my first love.”

Whether on the course or off, Tim could be found enjoying a well-constructed cigar and a wheated bourbon or double Tito’s on the rocks.

Among the reasons the couple joined the Club were the courses and all they offer. Having 36 championship holes with varying topography located minutes from their home was certainly appealing.

“The course plays differently every time we’re out,” Shoran said when explaining what the family likes about Egypt Valley’s courses. “Primarily because our games are all over the place, but also because it is always well maintained.”

Other members might be surprised to learn the Williams family is steeped in rivalries.

“Tim has two degrees from the University of Michigan and is a three-time varsity letter winner,” said Shoran, who is an Ohio State University Law School graduate. “Our oldest daughter is a senior at the University of Florida (Go Gators) and our youngest just transferred to Michigan State University (Go Green).

“We are exhausted every Fall Saturday.”

If you see Tim and Shoran around the Club, be sure to say, “hello!”

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